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To choose your borrower insurance

  • Well analyze my need according to my professional situation: what guarantees do I need? If I work, I have to think about taking a disability and total disability or partial disability (which is also often requested by banks). What is total or partial disability? Do I have to take out job loss insurance?
  • What are the exclusions? Should I subscribe to an opt-out option for back and psy exclusions to be covered in case of work stoppage or disability, related to a disco-vertebral or psychiatric pathology, without condition of hospitalization? Is the sport that I practice or the profession I am practicing well covered by the contract?
  • Are the guarantees of the contract offered to me irrevocable? Will I remain covered under the same conditions and at the same rate in the event of a change of personal and professional situation (departure abroad, change of profession …)?
  • How does the contract to which I am going to subscribe compensate in case of incapacity for work? Why should I be unfit to practice my profession or any profession? In the same way, would I be covered if I am dismissed and that I find myself unemployed at the time of the disaster? Finally, would I be covered if I work part-time because of half-time therapy?

Other essential points when subscribing to credit insurance

Other essential points when subscribing to credit insurance

  • Pay attention to the type of compensation I subscribe to: In case of incapacity for work, will my compensation be lump sum (the whole of my credit term) or indemnity (only part of the deadline to lost income)?
  • What grace period will be applied in case of incapacity for work? If I am employed for more than 1 year, then the classic 90-day franchise suits me because my employer will pay 100% of my salary during the first 3 months of my stop. On the other hand, if I am TNS or a liberal profession, then it is better to reduce the deductible to 15 or 30 days.
  • Do the guarantees I have subscribed cover me well for the duration of my loan, or do some stop when I reach a certain age?
  • In case of incapacity for work, what will be the duration of my compensation? One, two or three years?

Be vigilant also on the following elements


  • Is the price guaranteed? Will the rate you accept for membership be subject to any change, except in the event of a change in the characteristics of your loan?
  • What is the basis for calculating contributions? Do I pay my insurance on the outstanding capital or on the initial capital?
  • Will I be exonerated from paying insurance premiums in the event of a claim? Some companies suggest that you no longer pay premiums in case of loss and compensation.
  • Does the contract to which I am going to subscribe increase the rates for certain professions? Handling, work at height, certain contracts increase the rates according to the business risk.

Finally, do not forget to look at the following points:

  • How much should I subscribe? If I’m the only one who pays for the household, then I make sure 100%, if we are two to provide for the family, everyone can be insured at 50%. It may also depend on what the bank will impose on you
  • What are the medical formalities to perform? If I am in a hurry and the durability of my real estate financing depends on it, I should rather favor a company that works with simplified medical formalities.
  • Am I covered by my contract if I travel around the world on a personal or professional basis?
  • Which contract do I prefer to subscribe according to my profile? Depending on his age and his state of health, it would be better to opt for a delegation of insurance.